I am a visual problem solver,
an organizer of information.
I strive to make content
easier to consume.

My name is Ben Gibbons
and this is my portfolio.

Ben Gibbons - Graphic Designer

I make visual communication that feels natural.

I go to great lengths to learn the industries of the businesses I work with so their story is communicated in a method and order that makes sense. The success of the people and businesses I work with is how I measure my own, so consider me part of your team.

Relationships are a good part of my process.

I make it a point to know who I'm creating for, how they intend to use what we are collaborating on, and who will be using or consuming each piece. By building a full scope of the purpose and desired tone, we can hone our target so the information my clients and I are trying to relay connects effortlessly with its intended audience.

Even the less glamourous deserve some love.

Every project is worth 100% of my effort, regardless of how small or mundane you may think it is. Pride is a transferrable commodity that can lend any project the appearance of being more valuable. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.



I love to barbecue year round and make a mean pulled pork. I can't resist a good board game with family & friends and I'm also an aspiring rockstar; but only in my car.

I have a passion for photography, I have shot products for design client's in a bind, and have been experimenting with long exposures when I'm not snapping pictures of my family.


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